Are you prepared for the next chapter of life?

Are you facing a career transition or do you feel stymied in your career and are ready for something more or different? Either can be a daunting challenge and an emotional time. Whether you are in a career pause, a “forced time out” or want to manage your future, it is a time to take charge, regroup and redefine your life on your terms!

Our Values2Vision™ program is coach facilitated and utilizes a series of progressive thinking approaches through a structured framework to develop a written personal strategic plan, including a defined life vision and operating objectives. It will integrate your career and life goals for personal success on a path that you select and manage. We begin with a self -examination –  who I am, where am I going, how do I get there and who/what can help me. Then identify values and behaviors you want to live, your strengths and needs to drive you to your vision and develop a roadmap to help you get there.

Through our  Values2Vision™ program our executive clients have continued to thrive in corporate environments, pursued their passions including not-for-profit careers, developed “life style jobs,” started their own small businesses or leveraged their corporate careers into consulting opportunities.

Whether you are considering a career transition, feeling as though your life is out of balance or wanting a “fresh start” to maximize your potential, Values2Vision™ will guide you in reaching your long-term success.

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