Career Coaching

Your career options tree has more branches than you may think!

We do all the things that other career coaching firms do, we just do them differently and go beyond to provide more value. At Career Synergies, we take a holistic approach to career coaching, getting to know you and your skills and aspirations to develop your customized plan. We help you gain a fresh perspective of who you are, your differentiators, your transferability of skills and experiences and how to package and sell yourself to different audiences. All integrated into a common platform with action plans and follow up.

Besides the resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, etc. our unique and progressive process includes our option tree and network mapping exercises, personal branding and packaging, how to conduct networking with a purpose and informational interviewing discussions, aligning your “STARS’s” with your audience and other effective interviewing techniques. We prepare and coach you through every aspect of the career change process.

Do you want to continue on a corporate career track, or are your ready for the next chapter of your life – using your skills and talents for a completely different purpose – or possibly a role that aligns with your vision of life moving forward? Our unique Values2Vision program helps you align your personal and professional values and goals and develop a written personal strategic plan for success; then we establish the road map to get there. We have had excellent success coaching clients through transitions into starting businesses, shifting to consulting or non-profit work and developing a “semi-retirement” life style business.

If you are ready to make the committment and investment and live your future under your terms, call or email Kathy – 770-552-3085;